From designing, dying, cutting to sewing process, JERICO has been consistently manufacturing their products in Canada since it was founded in 1987. While many other brands have depended on cheap labour supply sources in recent intense cost saving competition, JERICO has been stubbornly maintaining its domestic manufacture for the purpose of quality, process control, and contribution to the local community.  Their products reflect such their attitude.

                           Consistent domestic process in Canada

 T-shirt materials:   4oz 100% cotton, 6oz 100% cotton, 6oz cotton/polyester 50/50,  bamboo
rayon/cotton/polyester 25/25/50%
These are based on Canadian oz.

Sweatshirt materials: 8oz cotton/polyester 50/50, 8oz cotton/polyester 80/20, 11oz cotton/polyester 80/20. 12oz cotton/polyester, rayon from bamboo/organic cotton 70/30 

Special make ( parts colour change) is available with a minimum of 24pc. 

Sweatshirt special make (parts colour change) is available with a minimum of 24pc.

Artisan Melange line was inspired by Japanese premium fleece process called loop wheel process that makes the fabric soft and sort of fluffy. by loop wheel process.   The loop wheel process that carefully and slowly weaves threads without tightening them makes the fabric look vintage-like appearance and feeling.  

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