The original founders, Raynald and Nina, started this family business in their rural farmhouse basement back in 1993. Being avid gardeners, they also canned their seasonal produce and love supporting local farms. Mountain Sky believe that nature holds the key to healthy, eco-friendly products and source ingredients ensuring they are both environmentally friendly and skin-loving.  

Soap bars      

Mountain Sky soap is not made by the conventional process that heats soap ingredients, but by "cold process" that does not separate and evaporate the glycerin ingredient because it does not depend on heat. Mountain Sky soap is made with only natural ingredients. Therefore, it is friendly to your skin and natural environment.  The main ingredients are natural vegetable oil, shea butter, glycerin, natural dyes, pure essential oil, and natural spring water.  All ingredients are biodegradable. Mountain Sky Soap does not conducts animal tests, either.   

 Part of the all line-up

                Charcoal              Lemongrass Lime 

       Kali Spice   Goat Milk &Oats   

Shampoo & conditioner bars

Soap vs pH Balanced Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

We have recently started making non-soap-based shampoo and Conditioner bars as many people want a solid pH-balanced bar that is as good as bottle shampoo. Soap has a pH of around 10 while our shampoo bars have a pH of around 6. Your scalp and head hair are sensitive to high pH levels. Hair needs lower pH products, Mountain Sky pH-balanced shampoo bars are better for hair. Many companies sell soap as shampoo bars, long term soap use on delicate head hair can damage your hair.  Our concentrated conditioner bars soften and detangles hair. They replace 2 plastic conditioner bottles. 

Part of the all line-up

  Apple conditioner/shampoo Citrus conditioner/shampoo

Coconut conditioner/shampoo    Vanilla conditioner/shampoo

All Mountain Sky soap is made from organic ingredients, which means our soap is biodegradable like food wastes and paper. However, petroleum-derived products including phosphate can be the cause of mosses in natural water sources. Because Mountain Sky soap does not cause mosses, it is friendly to water sources.

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