Arctic Bay inspired by Inuit's (northern Canadian indigenous people) winter jacket handcrafts added fashionability to the traditional method. Arctic Bay jackets are equipped with the specs which are durable enough in the arctic region extreme chill and snow environment. While many brands have paid more attention to fashionability than quality, Arctic Bay has been stubbornly maintaining its quality and functions as well as fashionability.

Our quality

As is often the case with "Made in Canada" brands, they are knockdown products sourcing parts from cheap labour Asian countries for cost saving.  Arctic Bay imports materials from strictly selected foreign suppliers and manufacture our products in Canada from beginning to end.  (Arctic bay imports fabrics from the US and Switzerland, coyote and beaver fur from the US.) 


          Arctic Bay            Other Canadian brand    

Down       White duck         Duck

Down density   725 fill power         550-650                                     

Fur       Coyote, beaver, fox            Coyote

Fur size                        Large            Medium              

Zipper      YKK, RIPI              Changed from YKK to cheaper one

Lining   Breathable light-weight nylon    Regular nylon

Adaptable lowest temperature    -45            -45℃

*Arctic Bay fur is detachable.

*The shell is breathable and water-proof made from 70% nylon and 30% cotton. 

        Top fur by Arctic Bay             Bottom fur by other brand

Men's jackets           part of the all line-up

Ladies' jackets       part of the all line-up

  Kid's parka               Kid's snow suits      

For the purpose of authentic Arctic Bay product control, this hologram ID patch is sewn onto the lining of each Arctic Bay jacket.

They will be your long-time partners!

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