In 2017, China stopped taking care of plastic film wastes from Canada. At this turning point, the founder of Beezy Wrap wondered about any idea not to escalate plastic wastes issues for natural environment. Later, she focused on reducing throw-away plastic food wrap and, later, ended up with developing reusable Beezy Wrap products.  Beezy Wrap is made from cotton with bees wax in nature-rich Canadian east coast and jojoba oil, and natural resin.  

Beezy Wrap becomes flexible reacting to your hand temperature. Once it gets flexible, cover the food, plate, bowl, etc. along with the shape.  Because of the sticky nature of bees wax, you can firmly wrap them. (However, you hands do not get sticky by touching it.) After wrapping, Beezy Wrap get sort of stiff at the refrigerator temperature to maintain the hold.  It becomes flexible again back to the room temperature.

Beezy Wrap has various sizes (S,M,L, XL, rolls, and bread bags) that fit many kinds of foods. Also, we have variety packs that contain different sizes.

After use, rinse it with water.  Hot water is not good to wash is because it deteriorates the bees wax coat. If you use detergent to wash Beezy Wrap, please use mild one that does not contain alcohol and environmentally friendly. After wash, air dry or pat it with a towel. Once it gets dry, you can use it again. 

Please do not directly wrap raw meat in Beezy Wrap.  Please do not use it for  long-time freezing (over 30 days), or heating in microwave ovens, either.(Microwave ovens heat melts bees wax and it sticks to foods.)When you use Beezy Wrap for raw meat, put the meat on a plate and cover the top with Beezy Wrap. Then, keep it in the refrigerator. Please do not let raw meat touch Beezy Wrap directly as much as possible. Please do not let it touch oily foods for a long time. Because Beezy Wrap material is not good with high temperature, it should not be used in the dishwasher, microwave oven, direct touch with fire, or other high heat environment. 

Beezy Wrap also sells bees wax nuggets by which you can re-coat used Beezy Wrap. Or you can coat your favourite cloth with it to create your original bees wax wrap!

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