Introducing North American and Japanese products information!

We select and introduce items sold in North America and Japan focusing on the trend, originality, practicality, and uniqueness.

East Vision Canada selects items sold in North America and Japan focusing on the trend, originality, practicality, and uniqueness, and introduce them to people in both markets and others in various countries.  

If you have any questions, request, etc., please go to CONTACT US. 


"Japanese high-quality erasable ball-point pens with Disney characters"

This fun Disney erasable pen set is an ideal choice for Disney fans. These pens will all write smooth, clean lines thanks to the slim 0.5 mm tip and fast-drying Uni Super Ink formula, which will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck. This set also features erasable ink and is the perfect gift for students of all ages!

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What's the heck!! Note pad lettuce!!

Tired of Debra stealing your sticky notes off your desk? Fight off those co-workers who steal your stationery with a head of lettuce! This cleverly disguised notepad is fun, will keep co-workers (hopefully) from stealing your notepads, and is a great conversation starter. This notepad contains 40 sheets of white and green notes. It’s assembled like a real head of lettuce and the paper is slightly crumbled to add to the aesthetics. This very unique stationery could only come from one place, Japan! Size: 10 x 10 x 8 cm 40 sheets

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Extreme winter jackets by Arctic Bay: No compromise in quality & functions meeting fashionability!

Extreme winter jackets without compromise in quality and functions meets with fashionability. They will be your long-time partners.

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Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner derived from natural sources

Body soap bars, shampoo and conditioner bars made from natural ingredients. Feel how friendly they are to your body in your daily use.

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Eco-friendly reusable food wrap

Looking carefully, we will easily find the large amount of plastic food wrap is being used every day. Beezy Wrap is food wrap made from natural materials (cotton, bees wax, jojoba oil, and natural resin.) It's washable and re-usable.

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T-shirt & sweatshirts made in Canada since the 80s.

From designing, dying, cutting to sewing process, JERICO has been consistently manufacturing their products in Canada since it was founded in 1987. While many other brands have depended on cheap labour supply sources in recent intense cost saving competition, JERICO has been stubbornly maintaining its domestic manufacture for the purpose of quality, process control, and contribution to the local community. Their products reflect such their attitude.

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